Meet the Founder

Kesh Baggan is the creator/founder of LEED.  Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he and his parents immigrated to New York City when he was three years old.  He grew up on Long Island in the township of Bayport-Blue Point.  After graduating high school, Kesh joined the United SIMG_5235_emailtates Marine Corps and while serving on active duty, completed an Associate’s Degree in Social Psychology.  Upon Honorable Discharge, he returned to his hometown and embarked on an expedition that included theater work, odd jobs, modeling, and international travel.  After a few years, he developed an intense yearning to reach people, to touch the lives of others in a meaningful and giving way.  At that moment an auspicious opportunity arose – grace as he describes it- to return to school and complete both Baccalaureate and Master’s degrees in Social Work from Fordham University.  He provided therapy, counseling, and emotionally creative workshops to children, adolescents, young adults and adults of various cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds including the polarities of wealth and poverty.  Kesh had the pleasure of serving those with terminal illness at one of the finest hospitals in the world; and veterans, service members, and their families while serving as an active duty Officer in the United States Navy.  The refinement of his skills has taken place in the settings of mental health agencies, schools, residential/inpatient institutions, and hospitals.  He is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker at the highest independent level.  He practices yoga, enjoys a stiff drink, and believes that all things in life are teachers.  Kesh and his wife, Ruby, currently reside near Wilmington, NC.

A Special Note:

As we proceed shoulder-to-shoulder, I wish you all good things.  May you find the way that you are looking for.  If there is no path, be strong and courageous and take out your machete and create it.  Feel free to respond, comment, and ask questions; LEED only works with you.  Be well.

Kesh Baggan, LCSW-C, Founder, LEED

“Empower Your Living.”®


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