Moderation…from a Pythagoras cup

Most of you know Pythagorean Theorem. You remember…that formula you learned in 9th or 10th grade math class in-between trying not to be an awkward adolescent and trying to be cool, which defaulted in making you an awkward adolescent anyway. Many know about the Theorem, not many know about the cup. Several years ago on … Continue reading Moderation…from a Pythagoras cup


What Do You Know About Love?

“Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more” – Haddaway, What Is Love These are philosophical and practical words that blast through nightclub speakers of a staple 1993 and beyond dancefloor banger. Is it possible that love essentially boils down to not hurting those that you care about? Over the course of human existence … Continue reading What Do You Know About Love?